Please watch!

I had to post this. I don't know where it's from or why it was created.. still searchin' that out.. BUT I like what it has to say.


Will do a life update soon... been fairly busy and also trying to hide out when I'm not..

ciao for now bella.

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Go to Urban Dictionary  and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post a definition it gives you.
Tag 3 people.

1.) Your name? - Byron - cause byft wasn't in there..
The leetest mother****** on the planet. he ownz all. better rekanize
"omg, why is byron so tight and awesome and sexy and handsome and smart and everything i could ask for?" says a hot chick

2.) Your age? - 39 - OMG - WTF!!!!!!!!!!
The act of doggy style, hitting it from the back ferociously, sliding up to the bumper in order to saddle up and ride. Other variations include pterodactyl and is based on doggy style. Phallus can be inserted into anus or vagina. True 39ing normally includes a great deal of screaming. Blood flow may ensue. 39ing never includes homosexuals queer(s) and faggot(s).

3.) One of your friends? - Tagert(ed) (My housemate)
Drunk and wasted beyond comprehension. Anyone who is Tagerted is usually in a black-out state of mind and exhibits the following: extremely slurred speech to the point where you can't make out what the person is saying, blank stares or staring at the floor, constant stumbling or tripping over one's own feet, dancing as if they thought they were Michael Jackson, statements that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, loss of clothing, beer in hand.

4.) What should you be doing? - dishes
1. The most vile and unacceptable chore known to all people still living at home with their parents.

2. A chore that is required by most parents for their children so that they may earn a lousy allowance.

3. Something that needs to be clean so that one may eat.

5.) Favorite color? Blue
1. The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.

2. The feeling when u wake up at 7 in the morning and remembering it's a monday.

6.) Birthplace? Melbourne.
1. Melbourne; home, epicentre, ground-zero and dead-end of Australia's 'national' sport, Australian Rules "Football" for twenty odd weeks of the year. (nb. Aussie rules is actually quite popular in Adelaide, Australia's second-largest underground town, and also in Perth, where the only alternative is professional drink-driving.)

Fortunately, Melbourne also has the highest-grade quality heroin available in the free world, rendering even the most soul-sucking, mind numbing AFL season relatively ease to cope with.

Melbourne's heroin quality is second only to the quality of it's water.
Scag-rat 1: "Mate, the footy's back here in Melbourne."

Scag-rat 2: "I know, but it's alright, I just stole this VCR. Let's go see Skinny."
melbourne afl aussie australia footy

2. A city located in Victoria, Australia. Not many people know that it was founded by the bounty-hunter John Batman in the mid 1800's. Its the second most populated city in Australia and is about half the size of London.
Melbourne is really cold

3. read all the above and below definitions - thats melbourne.

now youve probably realised everyone from melbourne just spends their time feeling insecure by constantly telling you WHY melbourne is better than sydney - they always have to compare


they have an awesome street art and music scene
sydney kid - so yeah its pretty nice down in melbourne

melbourne kid - yeah like we have the many afl teams, the mcg, federation square, better weather oh and its all SO MUCH better than sydneys stuff. oh did i mention we're the sports capital of australia? oh and the afl?

sydney kid - right. but you havent won it for like 5 years?

4. Melbourne in Australia - city incorporated (as a town, anyway) in 1842.
This is before 1892!

5. A city that exists in Florida, that no one gives a flying fuck about.
Melbourne has way too many palm trees.

6. 1) A city Sydney writers go when they cant handle the local scene.
2) A city Sydney writers go where trains are easier to paint.
If you cant take the heat - move to Melbourne.

I want to do a whole train...I might head down to Melbourne this weekend.

7. An insignificant Australian city which suffers from delusions of grandeur.Mistakes the wearing of black skivies as an expression of fashion. Believes that gloomy lane-ways are architectural delights & thinks Lloyd-Webber musicals are high art
Can you believe how much better than other Australians we Melbourne people really are? But we're not stuck-up like Sydney people.

7.) Month of your birth? - March
Month in which creative, layed-back, dreamy, cool people were born.

8.) Last person you talked to? - Steve - *LMAO* My other housemate!!!
A thong that is visable above the trouser line of a girl. A useful word when spotting a thong or pointing one out without the girl knowing.

9.) One of your nicknames? - boz.
1. armenian for a whore
2. utter coolness experssed by something with sheer awesomeness.
3. To be so totally wasted as to appear to require medical assistance.
4. When a situation or thing has gone completely to shit.
5. A promising writer at the beginning of his or her literary career. Usually they stop being a 'boz' after the publication of their third novel or memoir.

It is derived from the pen-name of Charles Dickens, under which he published works such as "Oliver Twist".
6. some kid that goes to school in oneonta. he is always wearin a biscuits hat
7. boz is the scientific name given to a boy when they become world champions in either chess or debating. Also, a person by the name of boz is also known for his mathamatic ability and love of physics. Boz is on first name terms with all teachers, especially biology and maths teachers.

*LMAO*  some of this is hilarious.. Definately worth doing.. (neither of my housemates is gonna survive this..)

TAGGING - feast_of_days , brisdrake  & shepherdbear 

and anyone else too... *G* 
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Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||| 50%
Stability |||| 14%
Orderliness |||||| 30%
Accommodation |||||||||| 38%
Interdependence |||||| 30%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 42%
Mystical |||||| 23%
Artistic |||||||||| 36%
Religious || 10%
Hedonism |||||||||||| 43%
Materialism |||||||||||||||| 63%
Narcissism |||||| 23%
Adventurousness |||||| 30%
Work ethic |||||| 23%
Humanitarian |||||| 30%
Conflict seeking |||||| 30%
Need to dominate |||||||||||||||| 63%
Romantic |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 50%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||| 63%
Wealth |||||| 30%
Dependency |||||||||||||||| 63%
Change averse |||||||||||||| 56%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||| 56%
Individuality |||||||||||||| 56%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||| 63%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||||| 56%
Family drive |||||||||||| 50%
Physical Fitness |||||| %
Histrionic |||||||||||||||| 63%
Paranoia |||||||||||||||| 70%
Vanity |||||||||||||| 56%
Honor |||||||||||| 50%
Thriftiness || 10%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
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Teh awesomeness... (yeah this just SCREAMS faggot!!)

I would love to have seen this, or participated...

I saw this via RAIDER22's FA account..

BUT I am going to sing-a-long sound of music in may... I"M SOOOOOO excited...

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Effing brilliant short film

I met this guy on line tonight.. and with out being to sucky.. he is amusing, intelligent AND an artist of many skills - (poetry, photography, painting, drawing...) anyways I'm reading through his journal and get to this absolutely effing great short film he made on youtube.. So from 'shy lion' or feast_of_days let me present this short film..

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did..

And thanks to Shy Lion for letting me post his work on my Journal.. *HUGS*

Stay tuned this week for more meme's copied at rondom and filled out..



Oh! look a bandwagon...

Your Animal is the Bear
You are courageous and a even bit primal. You're aggressive when it comes to getting what you want.
And when it comes to defending your family, you won't back down... ever!

You have good instincts, and you always know what you should do. You're a natural protector and warrior.
You are also quite playful and adventurous. You love to wander. You have a lot of energy to burn!

kurreltheraven  posted this first.. then I think daemonikk  / ladytmara  and finally jackjackrabit  .... so I guess it's my turn.. 

Your turn now..


Sound and video required

This video, even if you don't like the song, well all I can say is watch and listen... I've still got tears of joy leaking after watching..

This link is courtesy of shiro_kuma.. Thanks for the link..

wipes eyes and coughs from laughing so much.. BTW.. guy in the blue hat is HAWT..

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The bitch is back!

Now I know it's an Elton John song... but after yet another MONTH off the road awaiting repairs, the beast with the bitch on top is back in action.. I finally got my bike back today and now the guy who repaired it says it's an excellent ride... so I guess I need to get out there and actually ride it... O_O so stay tuned for a ride report either later today or tomorrow..

I'm so happy though to have it back.. I missed it.. (as always)!!!!

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OMG.... I think my housemate might be .... gay...  hehehe and a .... stalker.....  out at dinner tonight he liked the look of the waiter..

What's this world coming too... earthquakes, gay housemates, aging... what's next?? romance?? (ok.. I'm just fantasizing there..)
Had a great night though.. went to Lazy Moe's (not real adventurous but it's good, reasonably priced and a good perve... Did I mention the cute dyke working there?? or the 'manager/owner' who is downright HOT??)  Ate porterhouse steak with chips and a divine garlic butter sauce, but must remember that I like it done a little more than it was... One day I'm gonna remember to not get a big meal there so I can sample thier cakes... was eyeing off the cherry ripe ripple on the way out, but no way in hell it was gonna fit in.. struggled to eat 2/3 of my plate as it was..

Anyways... Just wanted to tease my housemate (tagert ) a little.. off to watch another episode of Smallville...

Ciao bella's