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Day two of Byftpups Training Holiday

Day two saw me taking off early on the Sydney rail system for the ZIG ZAG railway.
I was at the station before dawn arrived (6am), to catch the CityRail - Lithgow intercity. Weather was less than stellar and deteriorated as the day went on. Would have been good to see the views on a clear day, but mostly for me it's just about experiencing a ride on the rails. I think there were nearly two hundred photo's from this day alone.. :( don't worry I've edited it down to about 100.. hehehe most have comments to explain things.

Easter Training holiday - Part B

This is a scenic journey and shouldn't be missed. It was close to my sole purpose for stopping in Sydney.. (yes I love riding the cityrail network (can't get the link to attach so ), so that was a good factor too!)

As always questions, comments & suggestions welcome.
*hugs n licks*
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