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What I've been doing!

Sorry for the cut n paste below, just didn't wanna have to retype it all.. *hugs*

Please excuse the links I'm not really sure about posting here.. I hope you enjoy the pics... (and thanks to lowen_kind for his work over the last couple of weeks and inspiring me to post mine, and a host of others over the last couple of years.)

Over the next week, as I sort the photo's out I'm going to link to my photo's of the previous three weeks of my life.

Basically as a bit of a pick me up I decided to ride the rails between my hometown of Melbourne to Brisbane via Sydney and return. I left Melbourne on the night of 21st of April Via the XPT run by Countrylink

Part A - Melbourne - Sydney XPT and Day 1 in Sydney.

Feed back is appreciated.. If there is a prefered way you would like me to post please let me know..

*hugs n licks*



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